Letter from the Author

Hello, I created this portal to share my story and showcase some of the best people I have encountered on this earth, that have guided me through this awakening. 

When I was 20, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, shortly after my whole thyroid was removed, leaving me suffering crazy hormonal changes and really not understanding why all the emotional and crazy energies were coming from, even by taking my medication.

Throughout the years, I have encountered many different people that have helped me so much on my evolution as a woman and as a human in this planet, as well as getting to know more about how to deal with not having a thyroid, understanding my feelings and understanding my body in a much deeper level.

I wanted to create a network where people from all walks of life can come enjoy and connect with the many conscious and awakened entrepreneurs, through music, art, food, and the normal lifestyle the world is starting to get more familiar with. 

Blessing to all for joining and following <3


Denyss C.