tabacco speaks


3 Ways Tabacco can Help You

Burns all Fears

Heal Deep Wounds

Expands the Heart

“It’s a way of communication, carrying the prayer 

from the visible world to the invisible.”

How can Tobacco improve my life?

In this world that is constantly growing, where ideas are constantly being created, “tobacco speaks” is bringing the ancestral knowledge for those who are interested in the Energy arts, healing master plants, and spirituality overall. This ancestral knowledge is being brought up to the surface so we can all connect with ourselves at a deeper level, as well as create a society free of violence, ego, and destruction.

This issue is also about holding on to our roots, loving ourselves, our families, and be proud of where we come from. Honoring mother earth, our ancestors, and those who will come after us. We are working hard to leave a lineage of good discernment and teachings to a generation that is evolving and transforming with the pass of time.

What I have learned while understanding all these messages, is that we are all connected, we have the choice to create anything we want in life as long as is in alignment with our beliefs and heart.

Denyss Carmona

How Can We Save the World Through Tobacco?

Tabacco has many properties, being one of the master plants on earth it’s ability to communicate with the environment is one of a kind. It works in different ways and can benefit you in many others.

Rapé (Hapé)

Powder snuff made with tabacco ashes and other plants depending on the location and tribe that is made from.

Tabaco Paste (Ambil)

Tobacco leaves that have been cooked for many hours until it becomes into a creamy paste, sometimes Vegetable salt can be added. This way is great to work on communicating with others since it opens the door to the heart.


Original from the south american region, levante is used as a ritual and should be served by a shaman or medicine healer. Is mixed with alcohol as an extract. It’s often used to let go of all that no longer serves us and attract good luck into out lives.

Tabacco Purge

This tobacco purging tea is made to cleanse you from the inside out, It should be administered by an experienced Curandero. Deep Cleanse, energetically and spiritually.