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From Drama to Dharma

From Drama to Dharma

Drama [ˈdrämə]: an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances. 

The greatest drama ever scripted is the epic play of the human experience. Sourced by a Great Mystery; this is the spectacle of how we, vessels of body-mind-spirit, choose to dance with It. A supreme, unseen, life force that will rattle your bones in one moment and grace your sight with white-passing clouds in the next, and you are here soaking it in, reverberating your energetic vibrational perspective upon Cosmos for all of Life to see. Within infinite worlds of our own self-existence, we come together to experience One shared reality. This human journey, the walk toward mortality inevitable, is the setting of the movie, and you are its shining star. Along the way, we have contributed quite well to this dramatization of the way things are. Shaping constructs to fit our limited beliefs perpetuating illusionary makeups of mind and allowing those harebrained dreams to define us. In this way, we forget our center, focus, and truth. The time is now to let go of the baggage with whatever and whomever you’ve chained yourself to, job, husband, work, family, identity, world also called drama, and free your self in truth, dharma. 

Across the vibrant screen show called Life, images of light and shadows arrange themselves into a kaleidoscopic myriad of forms, colors, emotions, thoughts, ideas, sensations and behaviors. All impressions then identified, classified, judged, valued, criticized or praised. When these complex amalgamations arise on the screen we forget the true nature of our Essence as a witness and unconsciously get caught up in the movie. We forget that we are not only playing an active role in the film, but creating, editing, directing and making the whole play come to life right before our eyes. These perceptions of reality are the colored lens where we view life through that superfluous filter rather than the actuality of what it truly is. Drama is the imaginary accumulation of all that we have identified as our self, others, world, and Source often partial truths and holy lies. Dharma is the relaxation into this subtle power: it is what you make it and simply this. Present time consciousness is evolving, looking in to it-Self, with an accelerated awareness. Spirituality and science are merging and revealing they are one and the same; two sides of the same coin. These transitions yield for us to take accountability for the life we are creating and manifesting in each moment. Everything being an inward experience that makes it so, this is the origin of Dharma; self-realization.

Dharma is a key point in many different teachings, the definition applied here comes from Buddhist descent and means “cosmic law and order” or to “maintain, keep.” It is also associated with principles of the right way of living. 

Dharma is learning, embodying and radiating a closer version of reality than what we have been conditioned to believe. It is the act of responding intelligently to everything that happens within us and outside of us. With great awareness of self, universal law and our relationship to all things we create the opportunity to drop the drama; the upsets, the fears, the pain, the worries. Even joy can be dropped for all that is temporary negates the steadfast nature of truth. So drop the volatility of mind as your own worst enemy, drop the job that sucks the life-force right out of you, say enough to the relationship that just doesn’t work. Be the solution of a global imbalance rather than contributing to the mindless chatter, gossip, that stagnates, self-destructs and regresses all potential. Now is the time to hold strong, faithful and centered in the virtue of dharma.

 Dharma is understanding that what we experience is really our choice. With a million different points of focus, the perspective you choose to amplify is what is real in your reality and only that. This might be challenging to understand at first but think about it. What you see, taste, hear, smell, think is all happening inside of you. For example, a boss just fired two people A and B. Person A feels emotions of worry, fear and disappointment perhaps going into a victim mentality and scarcity mentality whereas Person B takes responsibility for the situation. Instead of being enslaved to the mind and emotions that storm into a hot mess like person A, person B instead takes a moment and allow emotions of opportunity, gratitude, and understanding for what this situation is showing them and what will come. Same scenario but two different focus points are activated and then drawn upon. The only variable is frame of mind and energetic attitude all happening on the inside. At any moment, person A can think about their beautiful relationship with their significant other or children and immediately that moment will yield an entirely different emotion, that of love and compassion. If these emotions, thoughts and sensations are transitory in nature than why are we so quick to become attached and declare it as true. Drama creates the false notion that who we are is dependent on what is outside of us. This is the nature of illusion, of separation, of believing that there is an outside of us.  The illusionary dream of perception yields the way to conceive truth. Everything we see is merely how we prescribe it to be. Give thanks for this blessing beyond, beyond because we see that this human experience is a cosmic joke. A paradox that is a grand mosaic of juxtaposed spectrums of identity between tragedy and comedy while the truth illumines from near or far that we are very much beyond the I AM. The image of the two masks, one smiling and one crying is the dramatic irony symbolic of the pendulum swing in life. When the pendulum swings we can focus on it swaying to one side or the other, dharma is holding space beyond the pendulum swing simply noticing, remembering that we are not this or that. Buddha writes, ‘once you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. 

As human beings, we are channels of energy continuously sifting, transmuting, and refining matter to light. This discernment between the unreal and real, drama and dharma, illusion and truth is imperative to not only survive but thrive, especially as a collective whole. We are witnessing the greatest awakening known to humanity in this moment right now. 

Drama is the unconscious, superficial cyclical martyrdom that has justified racism and prejudice. Dharma is the truth that we are all one, interconnected.  Drama tends to provide a carnival aptitude of less-inferior states of consciousness. Dharma provides the awareness of higher states of consciousness inevitable. The key here is perception automatically is an aspect of the dramatic crucifixion we are constantly dwelling in. Dharma is the phase of resurrection. Drama is the unprocessed suppressed emotions that like a volcano boil until its final megalithic eruption. Dharma is communicating with the innocence of a cleanses perception. 

Drama is the plateau from which all conflict, wars, sorrows, and overjoy originates from. Dharma is the neutral point Zero; the center of everything radiating out. Dharma is the understanding of Reality, that we are co-creators of this grand collaboration and we are the ones who choose what movie script we write, film, direct, orient and choose to display on the grand master screen called Life. It is the mere projection of our consciousness interacting with other organized configurations of Intelligence. It is really incredible that we have the capacity to discern between dharma and drama. Two sides of the same coin. Dharma is the space outside of the little radar screen that you think you conceive. But in reality we are actualizing something much larger, much more Sirius. Drama is serious, dharms is Sirius. Drama is imperfection, Dharma is IM-perfection. Drama is past, present, future and dharma is ‘just now.’ It goes on forever. And so this play between light and dark, good and evil forces give unto us this notion of duality. Dharma is the origin of singularity. It’s very important that we exercise the capacity to embody conscious practice of dharma rather than unconscious enslavement to drama. Drama is the petty nonsense, and the illusion that what you think matters matters. But if all matter is 99.999% empty space than it makes you wonder, what is actually true? Drama answers questions immediately from ego, dharma simply reveals more questions from the space of the heart until there are none. 

It is our responsibility to walk through the veils of drama seeing that we in truth, our essence, is solely in a space of dharma. Drama is a maze and dharma is the labyrinth. The difference is one perspective of the maze only leads to dead ends, and tricks but walking a labyrinth everything is constant meditation. This is dharma. The maze can be a labyrinth, but a labyrinth can never be a maze for it wasn’t structured for this intention. The intention behind everything is the most important and probably most deficit unexercised capacity of human potential. Dharma is the human potential and drama is everything that interrupts that divine flow to be here on earth, be present now. Dharma is the essence of knowing that everything is an inward experience and taking accountability for this are the arrows straight into the Buddha’s heart. Drama is the anticipation, frustration, that anything can be less than perfect. If we remain calm then it is given unto us. These coincide with the universal laws and hermetic principles that have been passed through for years but extremely hidden. Those in power do not benefit from people living in their truth, dharma because the whole system would collapse and nobody would work for them but for the good of all sentient beings on Earth. Embodiment is the demonstration of dharma and everything else, everything unreal is the world of drama. Choose wisely, stay centered, focused on your truth, your purpose. See this amazing drama unfold while calm and collected on your throne laced in dharma, beauty, and gratitude. Listen, may the Source be with you. 

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